What’s Your Story?

Your story, we all have one. It could be the story of your business, your non-profit, your passion project. Telling your story from a first-person perspective is a powerful way to connect with a new audience and engage current followers.

We are in an era of unparalleled means of communication. So how do you get your message out in a way that cuts through the clutter? For starters, make it strong, make it compelling and honest. I haven’t met a client yet that doesn’t convey a strong presence  when they are delivering information from a position of knowledge. Forget the script, I like to leave scripted material to the Al Pacino’s of the world.

If you know your message, chances are you are going to deliver it with confidence and authenticity as opposed to trying to remember lines in a script.

If you look at most of the samples on this site, the participants are non-scripted. I ask the questions off camera, they answer. And yes, some of them take a few moments to get through on-camera jitters but honestly, that falls away pretty quickly.

What we do here is help you craft your message to deliver it to the audience you need to reach. A longer promotional piece, a campaign, a series of short videos that can populate social media outlets over a space of time. We can help you design a video campaign that fits your needs and budget.

So what is your story?






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