Karen Kain, C.C.

I’ve written about the Encore! Dance Hall of Fame in another post but as we get closer to this years event, I will be unveiling some of the video content we have produced for the event and website. Dance Collection Danse will be inducting Karen Kain, C.C. along with 9 … Continue Reading Karen Kain, C.C.


Ian Brown’s book “Sixty” is a candid, humorous sometimes brutal account of his first year as a 60-year old man. Brown wonders why we look upon ageing as a failure? Think about it, how many times do see a picture of someone over 50 and say, “They look great!” Or … Continue Reading Sixty

What’s Your Story?

Your story, we all have one. It could be the story of your business, your non-profit, your passion project. Telling your story from a first-person perspective is a powerful way to connect with a new audience and engage current followers. We are in an era of unparalleled means of communication. … Continue Reading What’s Your Story?