2019 Encore! Dance Hall of Fame

Louise_Lecavalier_LRF3428_FINALOne the projects closest to my heart and soul is the Encore! Dance Hall of Fame. This year we produced videos for 10 inductees as well as promos and longer form interviews (still in post). I love dance, I began dancing as a child, attended the National Ballet School as a child and transitioned to contemporary dance as an adult. When it was time to move on, I went into television and began my second career with Citytv in Toronto. But still, dance is in my DNA. So this opportunity to celebrate Canada’s vast legacy is pretty great. From classical ballet to classical Indian dance, modern, indigenous and all in between, we have such a rich, diverse range of dance artists.

This year, we inducted Louise Lecavalier among others. I have followed Louise’s career since her days with LaLaLa Human Steps. She is whirlwind of movement and intensity. There is none other like her.  A fiercely intelligent woman who uses all her senses to create. And lovely, my interview with her was so very interesting. Thoughtful, engrossed and always curious. That is what makes a great artist thrive, their endless curiosity.  Her solo work is stunning and fearless.

She is going strong, in fact she left for a tour in Germany right after the event!

Here is the video on Louise Lecavalier and her induction ceremony. I think you will agree, she is one in a million.

For more information on this year’s inductees you can visit http://www.encoredancehalloffame.com

Here’s to great dancers!


Photo by Liliana Reyes