Laurie Brown talks about the night…

This week we launched the second instalment of “What’s the Big Idea” with arts journalist and radio host, Laurie Brown. The show was moderated by musician Joe Lapinski. It was one of those moments when you put two artists together who are familiar with each other’s work, but have never collaborated. They boldly improvised a short set influenced by Laurie’s eclectic radio show, “The Signal”. I’m always amazed when synchronicity like this happens. It’s the magic of improvisation, when it really works.  Like it was meant to be. Set in the intimate space of Henry of Pelham winery, on a winter’s night,  it was the perfect location to take us there.

Laurie is known as a respected arts journalist who has sat across the table from some of the worlds most interesting creators. As an interviewer, she always cut to the meat of it. Now as host and creator of Pondercast, Laurie has emerged as a performer and narrator whose strength is in connecting the listener to our shared vulnerabilities. Things that go bump in the night but more importantly, thoughts that bump around our brain in the wee hours. Nighttime, a time of magic, fear, reflection and if you are lucky…. sleep.

In an unprecedented era of anger, anxiety and fear, Laurie manages to bring us into a space where we can face our demons, settle in, solve our mysteries and look that fear right in the eye. It’s okay, we are all there with you . And we aren’t going away….

Here is a clip of Laurie Brown and Joe Lapinski as they opened the show.  I was going to cut together a short blast that fit into our current Instagram attention span but decided no, this is too good. We must settle in and listen to the whole thing. Dig in.


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