Ian Brown talks about cannabis.

Last week, Canada made history when it officially legalized cannabis. Though there are many questions as to how this rolls out (pardon the pun), the cannabis industry will have a significant impact economically, medically and socially. In the launch of the series, “What’s the Big Idea” (which I wrote about in a recent blog), award winning journalist and author, Ian Brown engaged the audience in a lively discussion on all things cannabis and his observations on turning sixty.  With an ever decreasing attention span and the delivery of information in 30-second sound bytes,  how refreshing  it is to really dig into a subject, listen, discuss, exchange ideas. This is exactly the intention of “What’s the Big Idea”-  a format that truly engages the audience. We are thirsty for real conversation. Ian Brown delivers it big time.  In this clip Ian and moderator Steve Remus address the question, “Is cannabis sustainable?”

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