Toronto Lawyers Feed the Hungry

Last week we launched a video for a new client, “Toronto Lawyers Feed the Hungry.”

An amazing organization founded in 1998, with the mandate that not only should lawyers feed the hungry but clients will be served in the austere surroundings at Osgoode Hall with table service – restaurant style as opposed to lining up. Some of the clients have been returning for over a decade to an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming. (I hear that Christmas dinner includes prime rib and a jazz quartet.) No questions asked, no proof of need. Everyone is welcome.

The meals are prepared by the executive chef that cooks for Osgoode Restaurant. One of the offshoots of the program is that members of the law society from interns to Superior Court judges work side by side. A rare opportunity to leave the pressures of their demanding careers behind. And again, some of the volunteers have been there for over a decade. The lawyers support this program without government funding. They are actively seeking outside sponsorship to make sure it is sustainable.

What this video illustrates is that when you tell a story from a place of knowledge and passion, it will resonate. No one was scripted.

We all know that lawyers are busy people. Very busy people. I was blown away that so many of them have committed to this wonderful cause to feed the hungry and treat everyone with dignity and respect. This is the first in what will be a series of videos for the Lawyers Feed the Hungry Foundation.

Spread the word!

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